How To Hide A Septic Tank Cover Fast - Fake Rock Septic Cover Lids

This video shows how to hide a septic cover fast and easy using these fake rocks:

Homeowners with ugly septic cover lids in their yards can now fight back with these easy to use fake rock decorative septic tank riser covers. If you need septic tank cover ideas that are easy and quick, this video will show you how.

Disguising septic tank covers with artificial rocks is ideal because:

- Fake rocks are lightweight and easy to put in place

- DekoRRa fake rocks are incredibly realistic and enhance the landscape

- They are easy to lift off should septic system access be needed

- They can be vented if need be

- They require no maintenance

- They are ultra durable and can withstand years of punishing heat and cold

This video will show you how to hide a septic tank lid in 3 easy steps. Your search for landscape ideas to hide septic risers on your property can be over quickly using artificial boulders. They work perfectly to disguise both concrete septic lids and plastic septic lids with and without a junction box.

So grab a measuring tape, pen and paper and watch this video to quickly learn how to measure the septic riser, how to select a fake septic rock that is the right size, and where to get the best deals on the best quality DekoRRa artificial septic enclosure rocks and boulders.

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