Toronto Water Services About Septic Tanks

Toronto Water Services: About Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are independent sewage treatment facilities that are not tied to local government or private corporation systems. Here is some information from Toronto water services on how they operate. For those living outside the city, septic systems are used

to remove waste. Toronto water services professionals should help you to choose

the right tank for your home. As such, the septic tank will normally be buried

in the yard. But, how do these septic tanks work?

What are Septic Systems?

Septic systems are independent treatment centers for sewage.

They are not tied to local government or private corporations systems. The tank

itself is one of the components in this septic system. Some of the other

components include filters, pumps and alarms, among others. In most country

homes in rural area, use this system where local governments may not be

offering the service.

In order for the septic tank to perform the job of removal

of waste, an anaerobic bacterial setting has to be maintained. This environment

in the tank develops as the waste in the septic tank mineralizes and

decomposes. You can find out from your plumbing professional what type of

bacterial agents can be added to tanks to assist in this process.


Septic tank experts should also be called upon to provide

periodic maintenance solutions on tanks to prevent blockages and clogging. For

instance, some solids may find their way into the system that cannot be broken

down and may eventually cause clogging. These solids have to be removed. If

they are not removed, then once they settle in they will cause the system to

work less efficiently with time. Some jurisdictions may require that

maintenance be done. Failing to perform maintenance may lead to high repair

costs for homeowners in future.

Alarms in Septic Tanks

Septic systems have alarms that typically can signify if

there is something wrong with the tank. If your system alarm keeps going off,

particularly during the rainy season, it may just be because of water getting

into the tank. But it could also be groundwater that builds up from excessive

rain. There could also be other reasons for alarms sounding off. In some

instances, plumbers have found broken water supply lines near septic tanks. For

new tanks, the sealing may not have been done properly and one may find that

the alarm system in the tank keeps on going off to signal a leak.

When the cause is excess groundwater, the water usually will

drain eventually, but it is advisable to always have plumbers and Toronto water

services expert check and determine exactly where the extra groundwater has

come from to eliminate any future headaches.

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