Sewer Repair and Installation Great News For Homeowners Needing This Type Of Service

Sewer Repair and Installation-- Great News For Homeowners Needing This Type Of Service

If you are having problems with your sewer linesit is best to know what

the problem is. Whether you need just a small repair or an entire

replacement, find out how a professional can assist you with your

problem. Problems with your sewer drain can be an unbelievable hassle. And,

typically most people take for granted that their sewer will be working

properly for years to come. However, you never know when a problem with a sewer drain will arise. So, when it does it is important to act quickly to save your self time and money.

Sewer repair and installation is no do it yourself job for the average

homeowner. It is a job that is really requires a professional. After

years of experience, professionals in this industry have come up with

new and innovative ways to improve the methods that are used when

repairs or replacement becomes necessary. And since sewer repair and

installation, on the whole is not an inexpensive sort of regular

homeowner expense, the idea of tearing up the entire yard can leave some homeowners drained of time, money and energy to deal with such


It used to be that the only way to repair and install a new sewer was to completely tear up the existing sewer lines and replace them with new

ones. This typically entails a complete destruction of the yard

surrounding the house where the pipes connect with the main sewer line.

Usually the plumbing company will need to find the lines in the yard and completely remove them in order to replace them with new ones. As this

happens, and the repair takes place, a trench is dug with a skid steer

or some other major construction equipment device. This will cause

extensive damage to the landscape. Leaving the homeowner with a major

job to do when the sewer repair and installation is completed.

But, nowadays professionals in this industry have come up with new and

less destructive ways to remedy clogged or unusable sewer lines. One

such way that plumbers and/or experts in this industry have come up with is a trenchless system of repair.

With the trenchless system only two holes are dug. One is for entry and

one is for exit. The old pipe can still be utilized by attaching a

splitting head to the new pipe and hammered through to the old pipe.

This system will not only expand the old pipe, but it will also allow a

new pipe to be pulled trough the old one. It will then follow the same

path as the existing pipe. Not only does, this allows for a lot less

destruction, but with today s current advances in technology the new

pipe will far outlast the older one.

One of the major problems with older type sewer pipes is that they allow tree roots to get into the lines. This is not the case with the new

types of lines. They are made of newer materials that keep tree roots

from penetrating the line. So, today sewer repairs are much less

invasive for homeowners than they used to be.

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