Common Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Common Sewer Cleaning Equipment

This article lists down some sewer cleaning equipment and tools which

are commonly used. It includes residential and commercial equipment. Sewer cleaning is something that does not happen often but when it does,

it means that there is usually some sort of clog in the drains or the

pipes. The service is something that is done by drain and sewer cleaning professionals who may be plumbers as well as cleaners. This does not

necessarily mean, however, that all workers who clean are plumbers.

There are many different tools and equipments that these professionals

use and many of these come in residential and commercial versions.


This is one of the more common solutions to a clogged drain or toilet. A plunger is used for both residential and commercial toilets to ease

congestion. This sewer cleaning equipment is handy to have at the home

as well in any office building. It is small instrument with a wooden


The business end is made out of rubber and is plunged into the toilet

and pushed to create a blast of pressure that usually pushes whatever

may be clogging it. This tool is the most basic and one of the least

expensive that is used to resolve any form of stoppages in pipes or

drains. If this cannot solve the problem than other equipment might do

the trick. There is a different kind of tool that also operates on a

similar idea.

A hose is attached to special equipment that supplies a blast of air

through it to the cause of the clog and pushes it out. The hose needs to be placed into the drain (preferably with a slim fit to be able to

handle the blast of air well) and the container of the air is attached

to the other end.

Snakes and Augers

These instruments are very versatile tools that are also used for sewer

cleaning to clear up stoppages and clogging that may have happened in

sinks, drains and pipes. They work by being put down a drain or a sink

with the provision that they can be extended to a certain length. These

are made up of sturdy but flexible cables that have specific lengths,

usually up to about several feet. Sewer cleaning is made easier with the general use of these snakes and augers because even without any

stoppages or clogging, they can clear potential blockages. There are

also some shorter versions of this type of sewer cleaning equipment that are connected to a drill.

The premise is that the drill makes the cable or wire spin sufficiently

enough to catch hold of any debris which may be the cause of the

blockage and take it out. In many cases, hair is the primary debris that causes stoppages. Heavy duty versions of these snakes and augers come

with pneumatic power which are used to service larger drains, pipes and

other sewage inlets or ports. It is important that the cable used for

these equipment fit well enough the drains and pipes in order not to

miss any debris or blockages in them.

These are just a few of the more basic equipment used to help with sewer cleaning problems and services. In most cases, they are the first line

of resolution that professional cleaners use for many problems.

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